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Cloud-based artificial intelligence solution for practitioners across disciplines in healthcare institutions.

Medical imaging

Accurate, consistent, and efficient clinical decision support for diagnoses, through our data-driven self-learning imaging biomarker.

Smart assistant

Constructive partnership between physicians and our technology in becoming "better together" in diseases diagnoses.

Meet BetterlAIfe

BetterlAIfe technology is an Artificial Intelligence imaging biomarker derived from large-scale medical image data. SMART medical assistant aiming to help practitioners perform interpretation via cutting-edge deep learning technology.



Imaging diagnostic support

Our initial tool focuses on plain routine chest X-ray, as the most common diagnostic scan performed.

Works on digital X-ray images from any standard X-ray machine. It reveals image of the heart, lungs, blood vessels, ribs, etc. We are building a screening solution for chest X-rays, which separate the normal cases from those having abnormalities. It points out the abnormalities (fractured ribs, lung infections, etc.) when present.


Discover how we can help augment your physicians!

Smart algorithms

Smarter practitioners

Augmenting physicians with “Self-learning application” for clinical decision support, available anywhere.

Imagine a world where access to quality healthcare is affordable and universal. By expanding beyond the status quo scope of diagnostic criteria, we envision a constructive partnership between physicians and our technology in becoming "better together" faced with challenges in accurate diagnoses of diseases.

Data-driven interactive imaging biomarker to

Augment, amplify, and guide in

Invented in 1900, chest radiography has been, and still is, the single most commonly performed diagnostic imaging test. It is mainly used to evaluate the lungs and heart, help diagnose and monitor treatment response for a variety of diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and lung cancer. Albeit an old technology, it remains to take an integral part of clinical decisions made by physicians worldwide.

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